Monday, February 18, 2013


Another speedwork session was had on Saturday.  It was a very busy day, so instead of heading to the track (driving there...driving back...) I just went outside and ran back and forth on a mildly flat portion of the bike trail that goes behind my home.  Not sure what the folks who live along there thought about me running past their house 5 times in one hour, but no matter.

Alas, I am still running these TOO FAST.  I'm learning, slowly but surely.  At least this time I could complete my repeats of 1/2-mile.  But the pace is well over 1 mile/minute faster than what I'm aiming for.  It seems good to go faster, right?  Perhaps, but I am reminded over and over by articles I read that training TOO HARD (which includes too fast) is asking for a) injury and b) exhaustion.

Between now and the next repeats-session in a fortnight, I aim to get an better feel for how my target speed-pace FEELS.  I'm thinking that tomorrow's run might involve some of this, assuming it's warm enough for me to go outside and not feel frozen.  Or...looking at the weather forecast, which is calling for freezing rain about that time tomorrow...maybe not tomorrow's run!

Anyhow, the report on my actually running on Saturday:  after a 5 minute walk, I jogged for a while (7ish minutes), did some acceleration drills, then turned around and ran a half-mile back from where I'd come from.  Back and forth I went, 5 times; afterwards, jogging and walking to cool down.  Here are the times of my 5 half-miles (a short walk-break of approx 20-30 seconds was included in each one):

Lap Time Speed (min/mile)
1 04:13.2 08:26.4
2 04:19.2 08:38.4
3 04:32.0 09:04.0
4 04:23.5 08:47.0
5 04:34.0 09:08.0

Average 04:24.4 08:48.8

I should be going 10:00.0 min/mile.  And if I remove the time for the walk-break, it tells me I'm running at just about as fast as I am able without puking, 8:08.8 for a mile.  BOOOOO!!!!  Thankfully I did not feel like I was going to puke when I was running these, but the message is clear to me nevertheless.

Despite these issues, it was a really good run.  I like accomplishing a good workout first thing in the morning.  Now, I just need to remember that tomorrow when it's freezing-raining outside!

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