Wednesday, February 13, 2013

how it's going

Whew, it's been a few weeks.  The overview is that the week of February 1 I ran...and then I was forced to take about a week off due to some medical testing.  I'm fine (more or less), and I was frustrated that I couldn't run.  Fortunately, I consoled myself with the fact that my long run on February 2 was quite good.  By "good" I mean...I finished it well, without being exhausted at the end - AND I even managed to not feel like my legs were tired until about mile 9 of the 9.5 mile run.  That's pretty amazing -- I usually start feeling it around mile 6.

That long run ended a bit strangely.  I had planned out my route - making a 4.5 mile loop and then a separate 5 mile loop using a different route.  I was supposed to end up back at my home, but I managed to be about 1.5 miles away!  Due to it being quite cold, me being quite sweaty, and realizing it was not a super idea to walk in that state despite the fact that I was physically able to do so, I called my husband and he kindly picked me up.  I still haven't investigated why my calculation was so off!

The week off was frustrating, but it was probably good.  I hadn't felt the pains in my chest at all until they recurred the day before yesterday.  This morning I did a 45-minute non-challenging run, and I felt great.  Time to get back on track!  And speaking of the track, I'm scheduled to spend some time on the actual TRACK again on Saturday to do some repeats of 800 meters.  Hooray!

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