Friday, March 8, 2013

marching onwards

The training continues to go well - feeling great for the most part.  Yesterday's 45-minute run was a bit ungreat because I'd had a pretty poor night's sleep, but no aches and pains.  I think my calf muscles are getting stronger - they feel different.  I attribute it to the speed training sessions.

This Saturday (March 9) I'm heading out for a 12.5 mile long, slow run.  But I also don't want to miss one of the events that got me started with this running hobby:  the Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K, part of the "Tussey Teasers" series by the organizers (well...mainly organizER) of the Tussey Mountainback.  This year I will NOT be beating my time from last year, since the goal is to run at a 12:30 pace (last year I did it at 10:15 average pace, although...the first half was much slower than the second half).

This one will be a little tricky because the first half is entirely uphill (and it's a rather brutal uphill, if I do say so myself).  You can see the elevation profile here.  997 feet uphill in 3.1 miles...but then it's 997 feel downhill for 3.1 miles!

We'll see how it goes, but the current plan is to do this twice plus a little extra to get the 12.5 miles in.  As much as running up and down this hill isn't the most awesome experience in the world, when I got done with it last year, I thought..."I want to do that again!"  Not immediately, but I did want to give it another go, having a better idea of what I was getting myself into.  I'm intrigued to see what my uphill pace will be like with the run-walk-run approach.  Last year I was very proud to get uphill running the ENTIRE way, and I averaged about 11:39 per mile.

I'd better get a good night's rest tonight, because if I feel like I did during yesterday's run, I might not make it the whole 12.5 miles.

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