Sunday, January 20, 2013

week-end track report

This first week of "official" half-marathon training went fairly well despite my refusal to wake up for running in the morning.  My days always seem to go better when I run in the morning instead of trying to squeeze in the workout after work and before bed (especially because I don't find it pleasurable to run soon after eating supper).  But I still managed to do 2 45-minute runs during the weekdays, along with 2 core/strength workouts AND rest on Friday before launching in to my first speed workout Saturday.

I was blessed with a gorgeous, warm (50 F!!!) day Saturdzy, which meant the snow had melted off the Penn State track.  I ran a few repeats of 800 meters at a fast pace, with the eventual goal being to train my muscles, lungs and mind to go fast for more and more repeats as the weeks go by.  I was somewhat disappointed with my performance because I didn't actually make it the full 800 meters on 3 of my 4 tries, but after assessing my lap times afterwards I think it's because I was trying to run these TOO fast!

I'm chalking this up as a learning experience about how to use the track and understand itsmarkings, as well as a lesson that I need to get a better sense of how fast I am going when I start out.  I remeber needing to learn how to not begin running my long distances too quickly (I know very well that I will wear out after the first 2 miles if I don't think the first half mile is painstakingly tortoise-like)...I guess I now need to learn how it should feel for shorter distances, too!

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